Our tagging event on September 16th is behind us. We tagged and released 100 Monarchs and they are headed to Mexico. 

Visitors learned about the Monarch butterfly lifecycle and their migration. After catching a Monarch, they tagged their butterfly, identified  it as male or female and then released outside. 

                          The tagging information is sent to the University of Kansas with their Monarch Watch program.

Make sure to bring your camera!

  Enjoy the pictures below from several of our previous  tagging event's. 

here is the tag

Check out the close up of the tag.  These amazing creatures will fly all the way to Mexico. To learn more about this wonderful program check out monarchwatch.org. 

another close up of a tagged monarch
all tagged and ready to be released
taking a picture while mom tags her butterfly

Master Naturalist volunteer, Ellen Schaack,  shows one of our little visitors  a spicebush caterpillar. 

We found lots of Black Swallowtails caterpillars- They were devouring the Parsley and added to the fun of the day. 

a couple of black swallowtail cats
laying eggs, she will not be tagged

A Monarch is busy laying eggs totally oblivious that we are busy attempting to catch them so they can begin the migration. The eggs may  hatch but with cold weather coming it will be their demise.

pictures of eggs

Look at all the eggs the monarch just deposited on the Milkweed.